Stay ahead of crypto volatility.

Receive alerts when we detect a future volatility event on 100+ crypto assets.

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We've just monitored a spike on post volume for the token Ethereum (ETH).

In similar situations, we've observed an abnormal variation of the price 91.7% of the time 48h after (36 out of 38 similar situations).

Be alerted from 1-hour to 1-week in advance when a price volatility event will take place.

Directly sent on your favourites channels (slack, discord, telegram, email, webhooks).

How it works?

Exorde protocol analyses million of posts every day on socials and news.

We link the price behavior of hundreds crypto assets with our AI analysis (post volume, emotions, sentiment) and generate volatility signals.

You'll just need to create an account, choose the tokens you want to monitor and select the channel where you want to receive the alerts.


Free for one token.

Volatility alert (per token)

$30 /mo

If paid in $EXD, else $50 /mo.

USD, EXD, BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC and DAI accepted.


Join our waitlist and receive an email when our platform opens. Expected in June 2024.